2001 WDF World Cup XIII - Heren

Published at 06/07/2020

In 1999, for the first time in history, a WDF cup is held in Africa. Durban is the host for the twelfth Cup. 32 countries participate in the tournament, of which 30 also have taken a ladies team. For the first time in 1999 there is also a WDF World Cup the young people. Nine teams take a boy and a girl to South Africa. All of them will compete in the Durban Exhibition Centre for the three major Cups from 6 to 9 October.


Four youth titles are up for grabs. Singles with the girls and boys, mixed pairs and of course the overall WDF World Cup. Botswana, Namibia, and the Seychelles are participating for the first time at a WDF World Cup, which is more global than ever before.

Men’s Pairs tournament
The dominance of the England men is broken only once in 2001. That happens in the semi-final of the pairs event. Ulf Ceder & Marko Kantele from Finland beat Martin Adams & Mervyn King 4-2. It will prove to be the only defeat of an Englishman throughout the tournament against someone from another country.

Ceder & Kantele have to settle for silver because in the final the other English pair of Andy Fordham & John Walton are waiting, and they will not be beat. The victory is 4-2 for The Viking and John Boy. The other bronze goes to the other Finnish duo, Marko Pusa & Jarkko Komula.

Men’s Singles tournament
Full dominance by the English men in Malaysia in the singles. All four men reach the last four. They all beat a Scandinavian player in the quarterfinals. John Walton defeats Finn Jarkko Komula 4-1, Andy Fordham defeats the other Fin in the last eight, Marko Pusa 4-0. Martin Adams wins 4-1 against Swede Stefan Nagy and Mervyn King does the same with Magnus Caris, only the result is 4-2. A round earlier, Caris had ended four unbeaten years of Raymond van Barneveld in the singles.

In the semi-finals, Adams then beats King and Fordham beats Walton. The final is a great match that needs all seven legs to finally designate Adams as the winner. With that, Adams takes the title for the second time after 1995.

It is the first time in the history of the WDF World Cup that a men's singles final will go between two compatriots, let alone all four semi-finalists from the same country.

Men’s Team Event
In the team tournament, the real good matches only start after the group stage. Finland and Australia play a fascinating game in the last 16, which is won 9-8 by the Finns. Wales eliminates Scotland 9-7 in the same round, but the surprise is that the Philippines beat Canada. A round later, the Asians have to bow their heads deeply for the unleashed English quartet, it finishes 9-1. Sweden beats Wales in a sudden-death leg in the quarterfinals and Finland beats Germany 9-7 there. The Netherlands finally defeats the Danes 9-5. With the elimination of Wales, it is certain that for the first time in 10 years there will be no England against Wales in the final.

In the semi-finals, England continues plating well. Mervyn King, Martin Adams, Andy Fordham & John Walton win 9-4 against the Swedes Magnus Caris, Stefan Nagy, Ronny Rohr & Peter Sjoberg. Ulf Ceder, Marko Kantele, Jarkko Komula & Marko Pusa from Finland play just a bit better in the decisive moments than Raymond van Barneveld, Vincent van der Voort, Co Stompé & Marco Tak. The Finns take the victory in a seventeenth and deciding leg. Marko Pusa hits a 12-darter and that is too good, even for two-time world champion Raymond van Barneveld. The Finns qualify f for the final of the team tournament or the first time in history.

In the final it is England again that wins. The quartet Mervyn King, Martin Adams, Andy Fordham & John Walton prove to be an impregnable fortress in this tournament. The Finns Ulf Ceder, Marko Kantele, Jarkko Komula & Marko Pusa compete bravely, but lose honourably 9-7.

It is the ninth time that England has won the team event.

Men’s Overall classification
With victories in the team event, the pairs tournament and four men in the semi-finals of the singles, England is perhaps more dominant than ever. Mervyn King, Martin Adams, Andy Fordham & John Walton also win the overall ranking with a record score of 202 points. Finland finishes second with 110 points at an appropriate distance and Sweden takes the bronze with 63 points. The Netherlands is just of the podium with 51 points. Wales and Denmark share fifth place with 37 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 202 points England
2 - 110 points Finland
3 - 63 points Sweden
4 - 51 points Netherlands
5 - 37 points Denmark / Wales
7 - 25 points Northern Ireland
8 - 23 points Philippines
9 - 21 points Australia
10 - 20 points Germany
11 - 16 points Malaysia
12 - 15 points New Zealand / Scotland
14 - 14 points Norway
15 - 9 points Cyprus / South Africa
17 - 7 points Canada
18 - 6 points Italy
19 - 5 points Bahamas
20 - 3 points France / Ireland Republic / Singapore
23 - 2 points Japan / Seychelles / Switzerland / Thailand