2000 WDF Europe Cup XII - Dames

Published at 03/07/2020

The twelfth WDF Europe Cup was held in Veldhoven from 11 to 14 October. The Netherlands will host the WDF Europe Cup for the second time after The Hague in 1984. 21 Countries participate in the men's competition, 19 in the women's competition. For the first time since 1992, this means a decline in the number of participating countries. There are a lot of spectators present at this edition. This is undoubtedly due to the high expectations of the host country. There is a darts hype in the Netherlands since the World Championship titles of Raymond van Barneveld in 1998 and 1999.


Ladies Pairs tournament
Sometimes an event has many surprises, but sometimes it is also just the favourites that make it to the final. The latter is the case in the ladies' pairs tournament in 2000. The Netherlands with Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen and England with Trina Gulliver & Apylee Jones are among the favourites and although they both face a defeat in the group stage, they are sharp as soon as the format is knockout.

The Dutch ladies beat Italy, Scotland and in the semi-finals Sandra Pollet & Vicky Pruim from Belgium. The English duo beat Hungary, Sweden and in the semi-finals, they win against Heike Ernst & Bianka Strauch. The final will not only decide who will win the gold in the pairs, but the winners will also grab the overall title. The final goes to a seventh and deciding leg, which is won by Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen. It is the first time in history that the Netherlands has managed to win the ladies pairs at a WDF Europe Cup and also the first time that a non-British country has won the overall title.

Ladies Singles tournament
The playing field is widening not only for men, but also for women. It is certainly no longer just the British ladies who are in charge. The last eight include eight different countries in the singles to underline that point. The English Trina Gulliver wins 4-2 in the quarterfinals against former finalist Sandra Greatbatch from Wales. The Italian Mojca Humar beats Kristina Korpii from Sweden with the same numbers and Ann-Louise Andersen from Denmark also wins with the same numbers from Belgium’s Sandra Pollet. Only the Dutch ace Francis Hoenselaar has no problems in her duel with the French lady Anita Chausson. The Dutch Crown wins 4-0.

From the semi-finals, no game is close anymore. Trina Gulliver beats Mojca Humar 4-0, but the Italian can be very proud of the first medal she has ever delivered to her country. A lot more surprising is the 4-0 with which Ann-Louise Andersen beats Hoenselaar in the other semi-final. The Danish star was already the European youth champion in 1990, 1991 and 1992, but had not often shown herself internationally among the seniors yet. However, she will not become the first player to win the singles title in the juniors and seniors. In the final she is no match for Gulliver who takes the gold medal 4-0. Gulliver is the sixth English lady to win this. In total England has won this event seven times.

Ladies Overall classification
The gold goes to the Netherlands for the first time in history in 2000. Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen take the double by taking the overall gold in addition to the pairs tournament. They collect 44 points and that is two more than England that wins the silver. Denmark claims the bronze at an appropriate distance with 22 points. Belgium and Germany are shared fourth with 17 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 44 points Netherlands
2 - 42 points England
3 - 22 points Denmark
4 - 17 points Belgium/ Germany
6 - 16 points Sweden
7 - 13 points Italy
8 - 12 points Finland/ Scotland
10 - 10 points Ireland Republic/ Wales
12 - 8 points Norway
13 - 7 points France/ Hungary
15 - 5 points Northern Ireland
16 - 3 points Greece/ Switzerland
18 - 1 point Isle of Man
19 - 0 points Austria