1998 WDF Europe Cup XI - Dames

Published at 26/06/2020

From 6 to 9 August 1998, 26 countries played in Oslo in Norway during the eleventh edition of the WDF Europe Cup darts. The big question was of course whether the England men, this time with Martin Adams, Andy Fordham, Ronnie Baxter and Steve Beaton, would take home the overall title for the eleventh consecutive time. The England ladies Mandy Solomons and Trina Gulliver could win the overall Cup for the seventh time in the last eight editions. For the first time in the history of the WDF Europe Cup, two brothers play in one cup; Brian and John Elder from Ballymena play for Northern Ireland. The Faroe Islands and Iceland make their debut at a WDF Europe Cup here in Norway.


Ladies Pairs tournament
In the pairs tournament it only gets interesting in the knockout phase. Immediately the Dutch ladies Mieke de Boer & Valerie Maytum lose 4-2 to Kristiina Korpi & Linda Nilsson from Sweden. Germany and Denmark also lose immediately.

In the quarterfinals, Wales also goes down with Sandra Greatbatch & Gaynor Williams against Denise Cassidy & Grace Crane from Northern Ireland. The Scottish duo Anne Kirk & Donna Robertso also lose to Finland with Tarja Salminen & Heli Ohvanainen. Sweden beats Ireland and is also in the last four. The English ladies Mandy Solomons & Trina Gulliver play very strong and have no problem with the Swiss ladies.

In the semi-finals, the English ladies win 4-1 against Northern Ireland and Sweden defeats Finland in a Scandinavian match 4-2. In a high-quality final, England wins 4-2 against the Swedish duo Kristiina Korpi & Linda Nilsson. Already the third time in a row that the English ladies take the pairs title, the sixth in total. For Sweden, there will be no repeat of the first WDF Europe Cup in 1982 when Carina Sahlberg & Charlotte Eriksson surprisingly took the gold.

Ladies Singles tournament
In the singles event, both English ladies reached the semi-finals. Trina Gulliver makes her England debut at a WDF Europe Cup and beats Annette Hakonsen 4-0 in the quarterfinals. Mandy Solomons wins in a deciding leg against Finalnd’s Tarja Salminen. In the quarterfinals, the Dutch participation in the singles tournament comes to an end. Mieke de Boer loses 2-4 to Northern Ireland’s Denise Cassidy and Valery Maytum 0-4 to Mette Hansen from Norway.

In the semi-finals, Trina Gulliver loses 4-3 to the Denise Cassidy. In the other semi-final, her compatriot Mandy Solomons wins 4-2 in a very good match against Norwegian Mette Hansen. The final became a nail biter which is surprisingly won 4-3 by Denise Cassidy, who claimed Northern Ireland’s first-ever WDF Europe Cup title.

Ladies Overall classification
The overall title goes to England for the seventh time. Mandy Solomons and Trina Gulliver collect a total of 58 points. The silver is for Northern Ireland with 38 points, in addition to the gold of Denise Cassidy in the singles. It is the first time that Northern Ireland has entered the top three overall. Finland took the bronze with 22 points for the second consecutive time. Sweden finishes fourth with 21 points and the Netherlands deserves fifth place with 16 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 58 points England
2 - 38 points Northern Ireland
3 - 22 points Finland
4 - 21 points Sweden
5 - 16 points Netherlands
6 - 14 points Norway/ Scotland
8 - 12 points Denmark/ Wales
10 - 9 points Ireland Republic/ Switzerland
12 - 8 points Germany
13 - 7 points Czech Republic
14 - 6 points Italy
15 - 4 points Isle of Man
16 - 3 points Hungary/ France
18 - 1 point Latvia
19 - 0 points Cyprus/ Austria/ Gibraltar