1996 WDF Europe Cup X - Heren

Published at 12/06/2020

The anniversary edition of the WDF Europe Cup was held at the Astoria Convention Centre in Bundoran, Ireland from October 9-13. For the tenth edition of this tournament, no less than a record number of 24 countries travelled to Ireland. Austria, Spain, Hungary and the Isle of Man are the newcomers. With 20 countries, a record was also set for the ladies. Yet a lot stayed as it’s always been, because England once again dominated.


Men’s Pairs tournament
In the pairs tournament both English and Dutch pairs reach the semi-finals. The English duo Martin Adams & Andy Fordham eliminate the Dutch duo Roland Scholten & Co Stompé with 4-3. Raymond van Barneveld & Braulio Roncero win the other semi-final against Ronnie Baxter & Steve Beaton for the Netherlands.

In the final, Raymond van Barneveld & Braulio Roncero lose 4-2 to Martin Adams & Andy Fordham who had also won the WDF World Cup pairs a year earlier. For England the fifth time that this gold medal comes back home. A Dutch men's pair had never reached the final before 1996.

Men’s Singles tournament
In the singles tournament the English, Dutch and Northern Irish players dominated and reached the quarterfinals. English captain Martin Adams defeated Co Stompé from the Netherlands in the quarterfinals 4-3. Northern Irishman Charlie Gaile knocked out English defending champion Steve Beaton, 4-2. The third Englishman Ronnie Baxter won 4-3 against the second Northern Irishman Geoff Wylie. Roland Scholten finally won with big numbers (4-0) against the fourth and last Englishman “The Viking” Andy Fordham.

In the first semi-final Martin Adams wins 4-2 against Charlie Gaille. Roland Scholten wins the other semi-final 4-2 against Ronnie Baxter. In a thrilling final, which ended in 4-3, Martin Adams beats Roland Scholten. Adams thus gives England the tenth consecutive WDF Europe Cup singles title. Wolfie is the seventh player to win the title. Scholten is the first Dutchman in the men's single final.

Men’s Team Event
In the team event this year there were no less than eight groups with three teams each. The top two advanced to the last 16, the knockout phase. Ultimately, the three British teams and the Netherlands remain in the semi-finals. In the quarterfinals, England and Scotland both win 9-0 against Finland and Switzerland respectively. Wales wins 9-5 against Northern Ireland and the clash of the low countries between the Netherlands and Belgium is won by the Netherlands in a seventeenth and deciding leg.

The Dutch quartet consisting of Raymond van Barneveld, Roland Scholten, Co Stompé & Braulio Roncero is no match in the semi-finals for the strong English team of Martin Adams, Andy Fordham, Ronnie Baxter & Steve Beaton. It finishes 9-5 for the British. England's opponent in the final will be Wales just like two years earlier. Eric Burden, Sean Palfrey, Marshal James & Mark Salmon beat Alan Brown, Bob Taylor, Les Wallace & Andrew Wallace from Scotland 9-3.

In a repeat of the final from two years ago, little seems to have changed. The English team again wins, 9-5 this time. For Andy Fordham a new experience, after all he is making his debut, but for Martin Adams, Ronnie Baxter & Steve Beaton a second consecutive gold medal.

Men’s Overall classification
Like a year earlier during the World Cup in Basel, Switzerland England won all the men’s titles with the same team of Martin Adams, Andy Fordham, Ronnie Baxter and Steve Beaton. It was England’s tenth consecutive overall WDF Europe Cup title with 189 points. In addition, Martin Adams, after John Lowe in 1986 and Phil Taylor in 1990, becomes the third player to claim all four gold medals in one WDF Europe Cup. The Netherlands reached the overall podium for the first time with a second place on 115 points. Northern Ireland picked up the bronze with 65 points. Wales finished fourth with 56 points and Scotland fifth with 45 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 189 points England
2 - 115 points Netherlands
3 - 65 points Northern Ireland
4 - 56 points Wales
5 - 45 points Scotland
6 - 29 points Belgium
7 - 24 points Germany/ Sweden
9 - 22 points Finland
10 - 20 points Denmark
11 - 18 points Malta
12 - 11 points Norway/ Switzerland
14 - 10 points France/ Ireland Republic
16 - 9 points Isle of Man
17 - 7 points Hungary
18 - 6 points Latvia/ Spain
20 - 5 points Greece
21 - 1 point Cyprus/ Italy
23 - 0 points Austria/ Czech Republic