1995 WDF World Cup X - Heren

Published at 08/06/2020

With a record number of entries of 40 men's teams the tenth WDF World Cup started in the Swiss city of Basel. With this fantastic number of entrees WDF Chairman Peter McMenamin and SDA President Felix Degen could already speak of a great success before the first dart was thrown. Not only the quantity was present also the quality continued to rise. Apparently, there are no "weak countries" anymore in the darts world.


The ladies also had a record number of entries with 35 countries in their seventh WDF World Cup from 4 to 7 October at the Messe Hall in the Swiss city of Basel. Bulgaria, Cyprus, Isle of Man and Latvia make their debut in Switzerland.

Men’s Pairs tournament
Until 1989 it had always been the English duos who dominated the pairs tournament. The last two editions, however, there was no more medal won by England in this event. They rectified this in 1995. Both English duos make it to the final.

Steve Beaton & Ronnie Baxter won their semi-final 4-1 against the Australian pair Russell Stewart & Wayne Weening. The Aussies went up 1-0 in 18 darts, but then had to surrender the remaining legs to the English in 13, 18, 17 and 15 darts. Martin Adams & Andy Fordham also won 4-1 against Eric Burden & Martin Phillips from Wales.

The all-England final was won 4-1 by Martin Adams & Andy Fordham who take the WDF World Cup pairs title to England for the eighth time. Eric Britow & John Lowe won it six times and in 1981 they were defeated in the final by fellow countrymen Tony Brown & Cliff Lazarenko.

Men’s Singles tournament
In the quarterfinals, the line-up was completed with Wayne Weening and Graham Hunt from Australia, Richie Burnett and Eric Burden on behalf of Wales, Roger Carter (USA), Stig Jørgensen (Denmark), and Andy Kröckel (Germany). The big surprise in the quarterfinals was the loss of Richie Burnett 4-2 against Roger Carter. Martin Adams won, but not easy against Wayne Weening 4-3. Graham Hunt also won 4-3 against Stig Jørgensen and Eric Burden qualified last for the semi-finals by seeing Andreas Kröckel off 4-1.

The semi-final between Eric Burden and Roger Carter ended in 4-0 after legs in 16-, 14-, 15- and 15 darts for Burden. This seems like a "walkover" but Carter was on a double in each leg, he just didn’t get a chance on them. The match between Graham Hunt and Martin Adams was a real thriller. In a 3-3 tie Adams was waiting on a double with Hunt on 151. The Australian hit the triple 20 and triple 17, but then went for the bull, which he misses by a hair. Adams couldn’t believe what he saw, but made good use of the miss of his opponent. Hunt’s explanation afterwards was that he thought he had seen 161 on the marker board.

The men's final between Adams and Burden was unfortunately less exciting. Eric Burden had two days of fantastic darts and Martin Adams also was in great form, but the final was to be a one sided affair. Adams immediately set the tone with a 120 finish in 15 darts in the first leg. Eric Burden missed three darts on his double in the next leg and Martin stepped in to punish. With another 15-dart leg Adams took the score to 3-0. After Burden had won the next leg in 18 darts, he got a chance in the fifth leg with his twelfth dart finish 121 on the bullseye, but he missed and hit the 25. Adams sat on 40 hit it with his first dart and claimed the WDF World Cup singles title for himself and for his country.

Men’s Team Event
In the team event Wales made it to the semi-finals, they defeated Belgium in the quarterfinals 9-6. The surprising Danes reached the last four after they eliminated the Scots. The semi-finals were completed by Australia beating Germany and "of course" the favourites from England who beat New Zealand comfortably.

In the first semi-final between Martin Phillips, Eric Burden, Sean Palfrey & Richie Burnett from Wales and Per Skau Frede Johansen, Stig Jorgensen & Torben Christensen from Denmark the Welsh encountered little resistance from the Scandinavians and won 9-3. Martin Adams, Andy Fordham, Ronnie Baxter & Steve Beaton from England also eased into the final. They beat the Australians Russell Stewart, Wayne Weening, Graham Hunt & Darren Webster 9-1. Russell Stewart was the only Australian who took a leg, against Andy Fordham.

The final was matched evenly until 2-2, but then the English take a sprint and run away. They win six legs in a row and take an 8-2 lead. For a while, Wales was able to postpone the defeat by Palfrey's win over Beaton and Burden over Baxter. But then Beaton took the ninth point against Burnett in 18 darts. The team event was a prey for Martin Adams, Andy Fordham, Ronnie Baxter & Steve Beaton and England. Now for the third time in a row and the seventh time in total they win the team event.

Men’s Overall classification
With three titles in their pockets, Martin Adams, Andy Fordham, Ronnie Baxter & Steve Beaton from England showed their superiority and of course also won the overall WDF World Cup with 169 points. The men from Wales, the winners of two years ago, came second with 110 points. Australia won bronze for the fourth time with 81 points. Denmark was the surprise in fourth with 39 points and USA took fifth with 36 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 169 points England
2 - 110 points Wales
3 - 81 points Australia
4 - 39 points Denmark
5 - 36 points United States
6 - 34 points Belgium
7 - 31 points Germany
8 - 21 points Malaysia/ Scotland
10 - 15 points Philippines
11 - 14 points Finland/ South Africa
13 - 13 points Ireland Republic
14 - 12 points Northern Ireland
15 - 11 points Canada/ Kenya/ Netherlands/ New Zealand
19 - 10 points France
20 - 7 points Sweden/ Switzerland
22 - 6 points Japan
23 - 5 points Italy
24 - 4 points Austria/ Norway
26 - 3 points Bermuda/ Spain
28 - 2 points Cyprus/ Latvia/ Malta/ Uganda
32 - 1 point Hungary/ Isle of Man/ Luxembourg/ Russia
36 - 0 points Bahamas/ Brazil/ Bulgaria/ Czech Republic/ Greece