1994 WDF Europe Cup IX - Heren

Published at 05/06/2020

The ninth edition of the WDF Europe Cup was played in the Swedish capital Stockholm from October 13-15. For the first time, the milestone of twenty registered countries was reached in the men’s competition. Russia, Latvia and the Czech Republic are the newcomers. There were 18 countries competing in the ladies, only Belgium and Cyprus did not bring their ladies to Sweden. It is also the first WDF Europe Cup after the split, where many of the top players start their own organisation, which will later become the PDC. The British teams in particular should be affected by this on paper.


Men’s Pairs tournament
In the pairs tournament, it was not the English pairs, but the Welsh duos who made it to the final. In the first semi-final Eric Burden & Martin Phillips defeated the Dutch duo Raymond van Barneveld & Roland Scholten 4-1. The Dutchman had knocked Martin Adams & Kevin Kenny from England out of the tournament a round earlier. In the second semi-final, Sean Palfrey & Richie Burnett won with the same numbers against the English couple Steve Beaton & Ronnie Baxter.

The finale became a real thriller, won 4-3 by Eric Burden & Martin Phillips. With that, they made sure that Wales won the WDF Europe Cup pairs title for the first time. Although the Netherlands had previously won medals in 1984, the bronze medal of Raymond van Barneveld & Roland Scholten in this event marks the beginning of the rise of this country on the WDF stage.

Men’s Singles tournament
The singles tournament was another British affair. No less than three Englishmen; Steve Beaton, Martin Adams and Ronnie Baxter and the Scot Bob Taylor reached the semi-finals. Beaton won 4-1 against the Dane Per Skau in the quarterfinals. The new English captain Martin Adams defeated Scotland’s Stephen Parkes 4-0. Both Ronnie Baxter and Bob Taylor needed a seventh and deciding leg to win their quarterfinals against a Dutchman. Baxter did this against Raymond van Barneveld and Taylor against his fellow countryman Roland Scholten.

Both semi-finals became prey for the English players 4-3. In the first, Steve Beaton beat Ronnie Baxter and in the other Martin Adams beat Bob Taylor. With this result the English ensured that they won the WDF Europe Cup singles for the ninth consecutive time. It was Steve Beaton who would win the final 4-3 against Martin Adams. Beaton is the sixth Englishman to win the title.

Men’s Team Event
The team event in 1994 is not played to a finish as the first events as was usual, but as the last event. Host country Sweden is already surprisingly eliminated in the group stage. Their 8-9 defeat to Belgium is fatal. The Finns also disappoint, but they were in the group of death with the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark and Germany.

In the quarter finals, top favourite England wins with Steve Beaton, Ronnie Baxter, Martin Adams & Kevin Kenny against the Dutch quartet Bert Vlaardingerbroek, Braulio Roncero, Raymond van Barneveld & Roland Scholten 9-5. The Dutch are quickly behind 0-5 and that deficit proved to big. The other British teams are also doing well. Scotland beats Jann Hoffmann, Troels Rusel, Per Skau & Stig Jorgensen's Denmark 9-4. Wales wins 9-6 against the Norwegians Oyvind Aasland, Arild Folgerø, Thor-Helmer Johansen & Helge Knapskog. Belgium is the fourth and last semi-finalist. It takes a seventeenth and deciding leg, but they beat Louis Doherty, Charlie Gaile, Francis McMahon & Norman Beggs from Northern Ireland. Small anecdote here is that the Belgian players had to pay for their own trip to participate in this WDF Europe Cup.

The fairy tale for the Belgians Stefan Eeckelaert, Marcel De Vuyst, Leo Laurens & Pascal Rabau ends in the semi-finals when they have no chance against England, it ends 9-1. In the other semi-final, things get a lot closer between Richie Burnett, Eric Burden, Sean Palfrey & Martin Phillips on behalf of Wales and the Scottish team with Danny Cunningham, Bob Taylor, Les Wallace & Stephen Parkes. At the end of a geat game it is Wales that goes to the final, they win 9-7.

In the final it will also be 9-7. But this time for the English team of Steve Beaton, Ronnie Baxter, Martin Adams & Kevin Kenny. With that, the English win the team tournament for the third time in a row and the seventh time in total.

Men’s Overall classification
The renewed English team with Steve Beaton, Ronnie Baxter, Martin Adams & Kevin Kenny resumed business as usual when they win the overall ranking with 154 points. It is already the ninth consecutive time that England has crowned itself as WDF Europe Cup champions. Wales takes silver with 128 points. The bronze goes to the Scots with 70 points. In any case it seems this edition, the first one after the split, has changed little when you look at the darts landscape. The teams from the low countries are asserting themselves in the far North; The Netherlands finished fourth with 57 points and Belgium fifth with 48 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 154 points England
2 - 128 points Wales
3 - 68 points Scotland
4 - 57 points Netherlands
5 - 46 points Belgium
6 - 39 points Denmark
7 - 31 points Northern Ireland
8 - 25 points Finland
9 - 23 points Germany
10 - 22 points Norway
11 - 15 points Sweden
12 - 12 points France
13 - 11 points Switzerland
14 - 10 points Italy/ Ireland Republic
16 - 4 points Cyprus/ Greece
18 - 1 point Russia
19 - 0 points Czech Republic/ Latvia