1994 WDF Europe Cup IX - Dames

Published at 05/06/2020

The ninth edition of the WDF Europe Cup was played in the Swedish capital Stockholm from October 13-15. For the first time, the milestone of twenty registered countries was reached in the men’s competition. Russia, Latvia and the Czech Republic are the newcomers. There were 18 countries competing in the ladies, only Belgium and Cyprus did not bring their ladies to Sweden. It is also the first WDF Europe Cup after the split, where many of the top players start their own organisation, which will later become the PDC. The British teams in particular should be affected by this on paper.


Ladies Pairs tournament
With the increase in the number of countries, more matches are also played in the pairs tournament. From 1994, two countries per group advance to the quarterfinals. From that moment on, knockout is played as usual. In the quarterfinals, all three British countries win. England beats Denmark, Wales beats Finland and Scotland beats Germany.

In the semi-finals Deta Hedman & Tammy Montgomery from England compete against the Scottish duo Janette Youngson & Cathie Gibson. It proves a thriller that is won by England in the seventh leg. In the other semi-final, Francis Hoenselaar & Valerie Maytum from the Netherlands beat Sandra Greatbatch & Leeanne Maddock from Wales 4-2.

The pairs final is therefore between England and the Netherlands and just like in the singles, England just edges it. Deta Hedman & Tammy Montgomery beat Francis Hoenselaar & Valerie Maytum 4-2. The fourth pairs win for England at a WDF Europe Cup.

Ladies Singles tournament
In the ladies' singles tournament, both defending champion Heike Ernst from Germany and runner-up from two years ago, Sandra Greatbatch from Wales, reach the semi-finals. Both ladies would not reach their second successive final; Heike Ernst loses 4-3 to Deta Hedman from England who makes her debut on this stage this year. Sandra Greatbatch loses with the same numbers to the Dutch ace Francis Hoenselaar.

For the first time ever we now had a Dutch player in the final of the WDF Europe Cup singles. In the final, Hoenselaar just falls short against Deta Hedman who wins 4-2. Hedman is therefore the fifth lady to win the title on behalf of England.

Ladies Overall classification
In the overall standings, England’s Deta Hedman & Tammy Montgomery take the title with 72 points. Hedman takes all the gold medals that can be won for her this Cup. After Sue Edwards in 1990, Linda Batten in 1984 and Jayne Kempster in 1986, she is the fourth English lady to claim all three gold medals in one year. The Netherlands takes the silver with 63 points, for Francis Hoenselaar this means three silver medals this WDF Europe Cup. Wales takes the bronze with 37 points, followed by Germany with 33 points and Scotland with 32 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 72 points England
2 - 63 points Netherlands
3 - 37 points Wales
4 - 35 points Germany
5 - 30 points Scotland
6 - 28 points Denmark
7 - 18 points Finland/ Sweden
9 - 16 points Northern Ireland
10 - 15 points Ireland Republic/ Norway
12 - 12 points Switzerland
13 - 6 points France/ Greece/ Italy/ Russia
17 - 0 points Czech Republic/ Latvia