1993 WDF World Cup IX - Heren

Published at 01/06/2020

The ninth WDF World Cup is played for the second time in the largest gambling city of the world; Las Vegas. In 1979 WDF World Cup II was also held there, back then with only men's teams. Just like two years ago in Zandvoort Netherlands, there were 32 countries in the men’s competition. In the ladies, 26 countries started for their sixth WDF World Cup Darts.


Traditionally, there are relatively many Caribbean countries when playing in North America. There are also three debuting countries; The Czech Republic, Hungary and South Africa have joined the WDF World Cup family. The Sahara Hotel is the place to be from 13 to 16 October, just like 14 years ago. That does not apply to a lot of trusted names. This WDF World Cup goes down in history as the first after the split, with a large number of top players having set up their own darts association, later known as the PDC.

Men’s Team Event
In the team event the first semi-final is between England and the USA. England took the oche with a brand-new team after the 1992 split in the world of darts. This year Kevin Kenny, Ronnie Baxter, Dave Askew and Steve Beaton had to uphold the honour of the English team. They reach the final quite easily by beating Larry Butler, Dave Kelly, Tony Payne & Gerald Verrier from the host nation USA with 9-3. In the other semi-final Wales with Eric Burden, Martin Phillips, Sean Palfrey & Ken Thomas played Scotland with Ronnie Sharp, Trevor Nurse, Alan Brown & Mike Veitch. Wales quickly took a 7-1 lead, but the Scots came back to 8-6. Wales did eventually win it, 9-6.

In the final, the England team quickly took a comfortable 5-0 lead and never gave Wales a chance to come back in the match. England, with a completely new team, won the team event 9-3. The second consecutive win for England in the team event, the sixth time in total.

Men’s Pairs tournament
In the pairs tournament, the English pairs Dave Askew & Kevin Kenny and Ronnie Baxter & Steve Beaton were eliminated early and we do not find any British pair in the semi-finals. Scotland’s Trevor Nurse & Mike Veitch lose 2-4 in the quarterfinals to the Danes Per Skau & Troels Rusel. The other Scottish pair Alan Brown & Ronnie Sharp lose 3-4 in the same round to Australian duo Russell Stewart & Wayne Weening. Eric Burden & Martin Phillips from Wales also lose their quarterfinals with 3-4 against John Part & Carl Mercer from Canada. Raymond van Barneveld & Roland Scholten from the Netherlands complete the last four. They beat Marko Kantele & Mauri Hakkala from Finland 4-0.

In the first semi-final the Dutch pair Raymond van Barneveld & Roland Scholten beat Per Skau & Troels Rusel from Denmark 4-2. The Canadians win the other semi-final quite easily 4-1 over the men from Down Under. and with that Weening is dethroned as champion.

In the final the Dutch pair had a lot of trouble with finding the doubles, Carl Mercer and John Part took advantage and won the first three legs in 13, 23 and 15 darts. The fourth leg went to the Dutch duo in 20 darts. In the fifth leg John Part clinched the match with a 76 finish in 15 darts. This marked the first WDF World Cup Pairs title in the history for Canada. The Netherlands had never won a medal before 1993.

Men’s Singles tournament
In the singles, there were no English players in the last eight. However, there were three Welshmen in the quarterfinals; Martin Phillips, Sean Palfrey and Eric Burden, the latter had won his four previous matches with 4-3. Wales thus took an advance on the Overall WDF World Cup title.

In the first quarterfinal Dutchman Roland Scholten beat Martin Phillips convincingly 4-0 (17, 11, 11, and 14 darts). Tony Payne (USA) lost 3-4 to Sean Palfrey. Troels Rusel from Denmark defeated Belgian ace Leo Laurens 4-2. Laurens was 2-1 in front, but Rusel pinched the last three legs in 15, 14 and 15 darts. Eric Burden who defeated the Scot Alan Brown 4-2 won the last quarterfinal.

In the first semi-final Roland Scholten kept playing well, he brushed aside Sean Palfrey from Wales 4-1, with beautiful legs in 13 and 14 darts. To make the surprise final complete, the Dane Troels Rusel defeated Eric Burden 4-2. This final was the first ever at the WDF World Cup without a native English-speaking player.

In the final both players didn’t perform like they had during the rest of the tournament, nerves played a big part. Rusel led 2-0, but Scholten took the last four legs of the match to complete a 4-2 victory. This singles title was the first WDF World Cup singles title ever for the Netherlands in the men.

Men’s Overall classification
The overall title, for the second time in the history of the WDF World Cup, went to Wales. Eric Burden, Martin Phillips, Sean Palfrey & Ken Thomas collect 94 points. Silver goes to England with 84 points. The overall bronze was for the Netherlands for the first time with 75 points. In fourth place the Scots with 63 points, just ahead of Denmark with 60 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 94 points Wales
2 - 84 points England
3 - 75 points Netherlands
4 - 63 points Scotland
5 - 60 points Denmark
6 - 53 points Canada
7 - 44 points United States
8 - 30 points Belgium
9 - 29 points Australia
10 - 24 points Northern Ireland
11 - 21 points Malaysia
12 - 18 points New Zealand
13 - 17 points Ireland Republic
14 - 16 points Finland
15 - 15 points Sweden
16 - 12 points Norway
17 - 8 points Germany
18 - 7 points Kenya / Switzerland
20 - 6 points France / South Africa
22 - 5 points Italy / Philippines
24 - 2 points Austria / Bahamas / Japan / Russia
28 - 1 point Bermuda / Brazil
30 - 0 points Czech Republic / Hungary / Singapore