1992 WDF Europe Cup VIII - Dames

Published at 29/05/2020

The eighth edition of the WDF Europe Cup was held in Kerava, Finland, from 22 to 25 October. After Turku in 1986, this is the second time that Finland has hosted a WDF Europe Cup. Fifteen countries participate. Initially, this WDF Europe Cup would be played in Granada, Spain, but the Spanish Darts Federation unfortunately had to give the organisation back to the WDF. The Finnish Darts Organization jumped in to help and to allow the tournament to continue. The question was again who could beat the favourite English team, this time the English had to do it for the first time without Eric Bristow.


Ladies Pairs tournament
The European Cup VI in the women’s was fought between 15 countries. The English ladies Sue Edwards and Sharon Colclough had the task to bring their country the fifth consecutive overall title.

The ladies pairs event was, just like the men, played in groups for the first time. The countries were divided into four groups and the first of each group would advance to the semi-finals.

In Group A, the English ladies finishes top of the group by beating both Northern Ireland and France. In group B, Denmark qualifies for the semi-finals at the expense of Germany, Republic of Ireland and Finland. Strangely enough, the two German ladies finish last in the group while in the singles they both reach the semi-finals. In Group C we got a play-off between three countries that each had 2 points. The play-off was won by the ladies from Wales beating the ladies from Norway and Scotland. The Swedish ladies finished last in this group. Group D finally is won by the duo from the Netherlands, they finished unbeaten in top spot. Belgium, Italy and Switzerland are left empty-handed in this group.

In the semi-finals, it is the British ladies who dominate. Sue Edwards & Sharon Colclough from England win 4-2 against the Danish pair Gerda Pedersen & Lene Mikkelsen. In the other semi-final, it is Wales with Sandra Greatbatch and Rhian Speed that beat Francis Hoenselaar & Kitty van der Vliet from the Netherlands 4-0.

Defending champions Sue Edwards & Sharon Colclough lose the final to Sandra Greatbatch & Rhian Speed from Wales 4-2. The two ladies from Wales have been in great form throughout the tournament and put the icing on the cake with two gold medals. The Netherlands had previously won medals in 1986, but starting in 1992 The Netherlands become a real force in ladies darts, Hoenselaar in particular will be heard of many more times.

Ladies Singles tournament
In the women's singles both English ladies lost in the early stages to their biggest rivals, the ladies from Wales. Sandra Greatbatch not only beats Sharon Colclough, but also beats Francis Hoenselaar one round earlier. Rhian Speed, in turn, not only beats defending champion Sue Edwards, but she also eliminates a Dutch player; Kitty van Vliet.

In the semi-finals both ladies from Wales play against both German ladies. Sandra Greatbatch quite easily wins her match 4-0 against Astrid Kamm. Heike Ernst wins 4-3 after an exciting match against Rhian Speed.

The final was probably the easiest game of the tournament for Heike Ernst. Sandra Greatbatch was always first on the double but could not hit them. While Ernst hat trouble finding the trebles, she did hit the doubles and doubles wins you games, so it was Heike Ernst who claimed victory 4-1.

Heike Ernst becomes the first non-British lady to win the WDF Europe Cup singles. It is also the first gold ever for Germany in a WDF Europe Cup.

Ladies Overall classification
The overall ranking was not won for the fifth consecutive time by England, but for the second time by Wales with 55 points. Sandra Greatbatch & Rhian Speed are the most consistent in both events. The silver goes to Germany with 37 points. England finishes third with 29 points, followed by Denmark with 21 points and the Netherlands with 15 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 55 points Wales
2 - 37 points Germany
3 - 29 points England
4 - 21 points Denmark
5 - 15 points Netherlands
6 - 12 points Finland
7 - 9 points Northern Ireland/ Scotland
9 - 8 points Belgium
10 - 6 points Switzerland
11 - 5 points Ireland Republic
12 - 2 points Norway
13 - 0 points Italy/ Sweden/ France