1990 WDF Europe Cup VII - Heren

Published at 22/05/2020

The seventh edition of the WDF Europe Cup was held from 8 to 10 November at the Corradino Sports Pavilion in Malta. Seventeen countries took part which was a new record. The big question was of course who could keep the favourite English teams of the WDF Europe Cup titles. Greece is participating in a WDF Europe Cup for the first time.


Men’s Team Event
In the team event, the English team of Phil Taylor, Bob Anderson, Eric Bristow & John Lowe is unstoppable. It simply rolled over its opponents. After a bye in the first round because the Spanish squad didn't show up, they beat Norway with Arild Folgerø, Svein-Arne Hjelmeland, Knud Nilsen, Jan-Inge Ekren with 9-1.

In the semi-finals, the English quartet faced the most opposition from the surprising Belgians Erik Clarys, Jean-Marie de Jonghe, Bruno Raes & Felix Smout. Nevertheless, the Belgians were also brushed aside 9-4. It is also not very close in the other semi-final. Sweden's Magnus Caris, Lars-Erik Karlsson, Stefan Nagy & Ulf Liman win surprisingly easily 9-3 against the Danish quartet Jann Hoffmann, Troels Rusel, Per Skau & Frank Sorensen.

In the final the Swedes, for the first time without Stefan Lord in their midst, were trashed 9-1. The English team of Phil Taylor, Bob Anderson, Eric Bristow & John Lowe took their fifth title in the team event in a WDF Europe Cup without any effort.

Men’s Pairs tournament
In the pairs tournament the English pairs dominated as well. The duo Phil Taylor & Bob Anderson won in the semi-final against the Danish duo Jann Hoffmann & Troels Rusel. In the other semi-final, the other English couple John Lowe & Eric Bristow beat the Scottish duo Ronnie Sharp & Bob Taylor.

In the final, Phil Taylor & Bob Anderson are slightly stronger than John Lowe & Eric Bristow and beat them 4-2. The beginning of a new decade also seems to end the dominance of the two best players of the 1980s; John Lowe & Eric Bristow. The pairs title returns to England. In total, England has now won this title four times.

Men’s Singles tournament
In the singles tournament, the English encountered a bit more resistance than in the other parts. Wales is doing particularly well. John Lowe and Bob Anderson lose early on. Eric Bristow goes out in the quarterfinals against Welshman Eric Burden. The only Englishman who does reach the semi-finals is world champion Phil Taylor. He beats Raymond van Barneveld from the Netherlands in the quarterfinals, their first ever encounter in a big ranking tournament. Martin Phillips from Wales also joins the top four by eliminating David McFadden from Scotland. Chris Johns, also from Wales, is the last semi-finalist. He beats Eric Clarys from Belgium.

In the semi-finals Eric Burden beats his compatriot Martin Phillips 4-2. In the other semi-final, Taylor has no mercy with Johns, who does not win a leg. An exciting match follows in the final. Eric Burden offers more than a good match, but ultimately has to bow in a seventh and decisive leg to Phil Taylor. The Englishman thus ensures that the singles title has still always gone to an Englishman, he is the fifth to write the title to his name.

Men’s Overall classification
With the English team of Phil Taylor, Bob Anderson, Eric Bristow and John Lowe winning all events at the WDF Europe Cup in 1990, it also crushingly won its seventh consecutive overall title with 182 points. Phil Taylor became the second player to claim all the gold medals in one year, after John Lowe succeeded in 1986. Wales takes the silver at a distance with 68 points. Sweden comes in third with 49 points. Scotland this time without Jocky Wilson in their team has to settle for fourth place with 46 points. Belgium, together with Denmark, finished fifth with 1 point less than the Scots.

Overall ranking
1 - 182 points England
2 - 68 points Wales
3 - 49 points Sweden
4 - 46 points Scotland
5 - 45 points Belgium/ Denmark
7 - 30 points Ireland Republic
8 - 25 points Norway
9 - 24 points Netherlands
10 - 20 points Switzerland
11 - 19 points Germany
12 - 18 points Malta
13 - 11 points France/ Greece
15 - 10 points Finland/ Italy
17 - 9 points Northern Ireland