1989 WDF World Cup VII - Heren

Published at 18/05/2020

The seventh WDF World Cup Darts was played from 19 to 21 October at the Skyline Hotel in Toronto, Canada. In the men's 27 countries were present and competed for the WDF World Cup darts title. In the women's event 26 countries were present for their fourth WDF World Cup.


Would the English ladies be able to recapture their overall title that they had lost to the Americans in Copenhagen in 1987? And would the English men be able to take the overall title for the sixth time in a row? Host nation Canada took the men's overall silver two years ago, can they do a little better on home soil? Bahamas, Brazil and Kenya are there for the first time, as are Zimbabwe.

Men’s Team Event
In the team tournament, there are still six European teams left in the last eight. In the quarterfinals, the French lose to Wales and the Irish lose to England. The Netherlands will also not reach the semi-finals. Australia is far too strong with 9-2. A more surprising result is Canada's 9-3 win over Scotland. Albert Anstey, Tony Holyoake, Bob Sinnaeve & Rick Bisaro then continued well against Eric Burden, Brian Cairns, Martin Phillips & Leighton Rees from Wales. In front of their home crowd, Canada beats Wales 9-5. Surprisingly, Bob Anderson, Eric Bristow, John Lowe & Alan Warriner also fail to make it to the final. Australia’s Frank Palko, Russell Stewart, Keith Sullivan & Wayne Weening are very much in control of the English and win comfortably 9-3.

So no British team in the final, not even a European team. Host country Canada will take on Australia. The Aussies bravely compete against the host nation in the final, but the Canadian foursome was determined to win their country's first WDF World Cup gold medal, and do so 9-7. After the USA in 1985 it is the second time that the team title does not go to Europe or Great Britain, but to North America. Albert Anstey, Tony Holyoake, Bob Sinnaeve & Rick Bisaro write a piece of history.

Men’s Pairs tournament
In the pairs event there was also a first. For the first time a Belgian duo made it to the semi-finals. Stefan Eeckelaert & Leo Laurens on their way to the semi-finals beat strong pairs from Canada (Bob Sinnaeve & Albert Anstey) and Australia (Wayne Weening & Keith Sullivan).

In the semi-final they met Tony Payne & Paul Lim (USA). On stage, the Belgians showed their pure class and defeated the Americans with 4-0 in 17, 18, 15 and 12 darts and they were awarded a standing ovation from the capacity crowd. In the other semi-final, top favourites John Lowe & Eric Bristow took on the Irish Mick Hogg & Tony O'Neill. Not for the first time during a WDF World Cup pairs tournament, a seventh and decisive leg was involved, but the English always show their class there. This time is no exception. Lowe and Bristow go to the final for the seventh time in a row.

In the final, the Belgians Stefan Eeckelaert & Leo Laurens took the initiative in the beginning, but in the end it was John Lowe & Eric Bristow who won the WDF World Cup pairs title for the sixth time with a 4-2 victory. An unprecedented dominance because they also win it for the fourth time in a row.

Men’s Singles tournament
In the singles event there immediately was an upset in the first round. Jocky Wilson from Scotland lost 4-1 to Jack McKenna from Ireland. The 47-year-old Irishman continued strong in the tournament and reached the semi-finals in which he defeated home player Bob Sinnaeve 4-2.

In the final, the Irishman faced triple WDF World Cup singles champion Eric Bristow. On his way to the final, "The Crafty Cockney" only faced real opposition from Dutchman Jilles Vermaat, who he narrowly defeated 4-3. In his semi-final he beats the American Tony Payne 4-2. Bristow won the first leg of the final, McKenna opened with a 180 in the second leg, but Bristow won this leg anyway. Bristow really got going after that. He won the third leg from 126 and a bullseye finish in the fourth leg earned him his fourth consecutive WDF World Cup Singles title. Combine that with four consecutive pairs titles in the '80s and you don't have to wonder who was in charge in those years.

Men’s Overall classification
The overall WDF World Cup title now goes for the sixth consecutive time to the unplayable England team. Bob Anderson, Eric Bristow, John Lowe & Alan Warriner collect 124 points. The silver is for Canada who uses the home advantage to the maximum and finish on 75 points. The bronze is for the Republic of Ireland, who had to pay for their trip to Canada themselves, with 60 points. America finishes fourth with 49 points and fifth the Belgians with 44 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 124 points England
2 - 75 points Canada
3 - 60 points Ireland Republic
4 - 49 points United States
5 - 44 points Belgium
6 - 43 points Australia
7 - 38 points Wales
8 - 29 points Scotland
9 - 21 points Netherlands
10 - 17 points Switserland
11 - 16 points France
12 - 15 points Singapore
13 - 14 points Japan
14 - 13 points Finland
15 - 11 points Denmark / Germany
17 - 10 points Sweden
18 - 8 points Hong Kong
19 - 7 points Northern Ireland
20 - 6 points Philippines
21 - 5 points Norway
22 - 4 points Zimbabwe
23 - 3 points Bermuda
24 - 2 points Bahamas / Brazil / New Zealand
27 - 1 point Kenya