1988 WDF Europe Cup VI - Dames

Published at 15/05/2020

From 6 to 8 October 1988, the British Darts Organisation hosted the WDF Europe Cup VI, which took place in the English port city of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Initially, this event would take place in the West German town of Heidelberg but the withdrawal of the main sponsor at the last moment forced the World Darts Federation to find another host. Denmark volunteered to organise the tournament but the BDO eventually got the organisation.


Thus, was the European Cup VI played in the Seashore Holiday Centre in Great Yarmouth. It is the second time, after 1982, England hosts a WDF Europe Cup, this time with fifteen countries on the starting list, including for the first time Italy and Malta.

Ladies Pairs tournament
Just like in the men's pairs, the ladies duo from England Sue Edwards & Jayne Kempster also lose, early in the tournament. In the quarterfinals they get beat by the Swedish duo Cecillia Peterson & Hanele Varis 4-2. Thus, breaking the tournament wide open for all the other countries.

The Swedish ladies lose 4-0 in their semi-final to Linda Rogers & Ann Thomas from Wales. In the other semi-final, Scottish duo Cathie McCullogh & Janette Youngson beat Brenda O'Leary & Maureen Owens from Ireland.

Wales is then far too strong for Scotland in the final. Linda Rogers & Ann Thomas beat Cathie McCullogh & Janette Youngson 4-1. It is Wales' first gold ever in the ladies pairs at a WDF Europe Cup. The Irish bronze is the first ever women's medal for this country.

Ladies Singles tournament
The ladies singles produced a complete English final. There had been a lot of criticism before the tournament in England. The England selectors had chosen Sue Edwards over the number one in the world rankings Sharon Colclough. The selection committee was proven right however with the all England final.

After all, both ladies Sue Edwards and defending champion Jayne Kempster reached the final and it was imminent that the 1988 European Cup would remain with the ladies in the organizing country. On her way to the final, Sue Edwards defeated amongst others Belgian Vicky Pruim and Ann Thomas from Wales in the semi-final. Jayne Kempster made a very strong impression reaching the final. She only lost one leg in the entire tournament.

Although Kempster, the defending champion, threw far from bad darts in the final her achievements were limited to winning the first leg. From then on there was no stopping it, a clearly motivated Sue Edwards with all the criticism going around, pushed herself to victory. She won with clear 4-1 figures. Cathie McCulloch from Scotland takes the other bronze medal and joins Ann Thomas.

Ladies Overall classification
The English ladies Sue Edwards & Jayne Kempster win the overall title with 81 points. Mostly thanks to both reaching the final in the singles of course. The silver is for Wales with 66 points, in addition to the gold that they had already won in the pairs. Scotland takes the bronze with 49 points. The Republic of Ireland comes in fourth with 25 points, just before Sweden, which completes the top five with 21 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 81 points England
2 - 66 points Wales
3 - 49 points Scotland
4 - 25 points Ireland Republic
5 - 21 points Sweden
6 - 20 points Belgium/ Finland
8 - 15 points Germany
9 - 13 points Norway
10 - 10 points Italy/ Netherlands
12 - 8 points Denmark/ Malta/ Northern Ireland/ Switzerland