1987 WDF World Cup VI - Heren

Published at 11/05/2020

From October 22 to 24, 1987, the sixth WDF World Cup was played at the Vally Sport Complex in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Twenty-three countries participate in the competition. The New Zealand team brought no less than 200 supporters and before the competition started the “Maori” presented their famous "Haka" war dance as a warm-up.


With 23 countries making the trip to Denmark, a new record is set, the 21 women's teams are also a record. Italy, Spain and Switzerland make their debut at a WDF World Cup.

Men’s Team Event
In the team event there was already a clash between John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Cliff Lazarenko & Bob Anderson on behalf of England and the Wales team of Leighton Rees, Alan Evans, Peter Locke & Malcolm Davies in the second round, a battle that the English would win 9-6. The English squad then also progessed to the semi-finals where they beat the Canadian squad of Bob Sinnaeve, Avtar Gill, Joe Gorski & Danny MacInnis, 9-4.

In the other semi-final, it is the surprising Belgians Felix Smout, Bob Renard, Johnny Deley & Marcel Meskens who compete against the Northern Ireland team of Raymond Farrell, Fred McMullan, Charlie Maxwell & Louis Doherty. Belgium had successively beaten the Netherlands 9-4, Switzerland 9-3 and Scotland 9-6. Northern Ireland was just a bit too strong for the Belgian team, in an exciting duel in front of the TV cameras. Northern Ireland took the win with a 9-7 score.

The final was a nail biter, in which England took the title 9-8 in the seventeenth and decisive leg. Nobody gave Northern Ireland much chance to win from the English team beforehand. In March, England best Northern Ireland 9-0 in the Nations Cup. The England team were poised on a swift victory and started strongly as they took a nice lead of 5-1. Ray Farrell brought the Northern Irish back into the game with a 16-darter and promptly the next five legs also went to Northern Ireland, so that now they were in the lead. England twice came back to draw, but each time the Northern Irish took the lead again. With the score 7-8 in favour of the Northern Irish, the two captains of the team John Lowe and Ray Farrell played each other. Ray got a chance to take the title but missed out on double 16. Lowe did not let this opportunity slip away and squared the game once again. In the deciding leg both teams chose to re-send their captains on stage. A confident Lowe, who has been successful in these situations before, hits 140-100-140-89 and leaves double 16. Farrell puts three scores of 100 against this and a score of 60 which leaves him on141. However, that does not matter anymore, John Lowe finished with his thirteenth dart and captured the title for England.

John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Cliff Lazarenko & Bob Anderson take the team gold for England for the fourth time, a title that they had to concede to the USA two years before.

Men’s Pairs tournament
With four wins in the pairs event since 1977 the English duo John Lowe & Eric Bristow were odds on favourites again this year. They would not get the title easily though. In the first round they narrowly won 4-3 against Kendy Lo & Paul Shek of Hong Kong. The other British pair, Cliff Lazarenko & Bob Anderson went out first round 4-3 against Paul Lim & Kim-Seon Meng from Singapore.

The favourites for the title went on and defeated the Australian pair Horrie Seden & Kevin White in the semi-final 4-1. In the other semi-final the other Australian duo John Burnett & Russell Stewart also did not qualify for the final as they lost to the experienced Americans Rick Ney & Jerry Umberger.

In the final, the Americans took a 1-0 lead after a nice 131-finish by Rick Ney. But that was the only leg they'd get. The English top favourites won the next four legs on the trot and picked up their fifth WDF World Cup Pairs title. It’s the sixth in this event for England.

Men’s Singles tournament
The favourite in the singles was obviously Eric Bristow, who had won the last two editions of the WDF World Cup. Still, there was some doubt about his form as he lately experienced a light form of "dartitis”. However, the draw was not against him and Bristow qualified easily for the semi-finals where he meets the strong playing Danny MacInnis from Canada. Bristow also wins this semi-final although it is not easy with 4-2. Eric Bristow is the only Englishman to pass the last 32 in 1987.

In the final, Bristow meets another Canadian, Bob Sinnaeve, who eliminated Paul Lim from Singapore 4-3 in his semi-final. Bristow wins the first leg in 16 darts. Despite a 26 score, Bob Sinnaeve still wins the second leg in 12 darts with a 155 finish. After this Eric Bristow gets into his groove and finds the triple 20 better and better. There is little evidence of dartitus when he takes the next three legs in 15, 15 and 14 darts. "The Crafty Cockney" wins his third consecutive WDF World Cup singles title.

Men’s Overall classification
The overall standings were clearly won by England for the fifth consecutive time. Bob Anderson, Eric Bristow, Cliff Lazarenko & John Lowe collect a total of 151 points. Canada, for the first time in the top three, takes silver with 69 points. Australia confirmed it’s good 1985 result domestically and again wins bronze with 50 points. Northern Ireland finishes fourth with 41 points and the USA finishes fifth with 39 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 151 points England
2 - 69 points Canada
3 - 50 points Australia
4 - 41 points Northern Ireland
5 - 39 points United States
6 - 33 points Sweden
7 - 30 points Belgium
8 - 29 points Singapore
9 - 26 points Scotland
10 - 25 points Denmark
11 - 24 points Wales
12 - 18 points Norway
13 - 16 points Finland
14 - 14 points France / New Zealand
16 - 13 points Malta
17 - 12 points Germany
18 - 10 points Italy / Switserland
20 - 6 points Japan
21 - 5 points Netherlands
22 - 4 points Hong Kong
23 - 3 points Spain