1986 WDF Europe Cup V - Heren

Published at 08/05/2020

From 24 to October 25, 1986 the fifth European Cup was held in Turku, Finland. Thirteen countries participated. Switzerland is participating in this tournament for the first time in history. The WDF Europe Cup was sponsored by Scandinavia's oldest brewery Sinetrychoff the makers of "KOFF" beer.


Men’s Team Event
In the team event, Finland, England, Scotland and surprisingly Belgium qualified for the semi-finals. Belgium with Freddy Laebens, Felix Smout, Willy Logie & Frans De Vooght win after a difficult start, they are 0-3 behind, 9-8 against Northern Ireland in the quarterfinals. Scotland beats Norway 9-4 and England beats a tough Swedish squad 9-6. The Finnish quartet Kexi Heinaharju, Kari Saukkonen, Tapani Uitos & Harry Heino beat to many people’s surprise Wales. This of course brings great pleasure of the home crowd.

In the semi-finals, joy turns into grief for the Finns. The Belgians kick Finland out of the tournament with crushing numbers, it is 9-2. In the other semi-final, the highly experienced foursome from England John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Dave Whitcombe & Cliff Lazarenko also easily beat Scotland (Jocky Wilson, Peter Masson, Robert MacKenzie & Les Muirhead) 9-3.

In the final, the English top team of John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Dave Whitcombe & Cliff Lazarenko is also too strong for the Belgians. Belgium loses 3-9 but wins a medal at a men's WDF European Cup for the first time. A piece of history for Freddy Laebens, Felix Smout, Willy Logie & Frans De Vooght. England wins the men's team event for the fourth time in a row.

Men’s Pairs tournament
There were few big surprises in the pairs tournament. Both English duos reached the semi-finals. However, the English encountered considerable opposition from the Scots along the way. Cliff Lazarenko & Dave Whitcombe won 4-3 against Jocky Wilson and Les Muirhead in the last 16. Eric Bristow & John Lowe also needed a seventh and decisive leg against Peter Masson & Robert MacKenzie in the quarterfinals.

In the semi-finals Cliff Lazarenko & Dave Whitcombe surprisingly lost to the Finnish pair Kexi Heinaharju & Tapani Uitos 4-2. Eric Bristow & John Lowe defeated the Swedish pair Stefan Lord and Christer Pilblad 4-1. With that, the dream of Lord to grab a third gold pairs title was over for another two years.

In the final, John Lowe & Eric Bristow got their second WDF Europe Cup pairs title by beating the Finns 4-2. Bristow & Lowe won before in 1978. For Finland, this meant the first final ever at a WDF Europe Cup.

Men’s Singles tournament
The singles became, as in 1982, all-England semi-finals. Cliff Lazarenko defeats Eric Bristow 4-2 in the semi-finals. Bristow had already had a lot of trouble in the quarterfinals where he stumbled over the finishing line against Welshman Ken Thomas 4-3. In the other semi-final, defending champion John Lowe beats Dave Whitcombe, also 4-2.

In the final John Lowe is again the strongest with 4-2. He beats Cliff Lazarenko and wins his second consecutive and third WDF Europe Cup Singles title in total.

Men’s Overall classification
The overall title goes to the quartet John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Dave Whitcombe & Cliff Lazarenko from England who take all titles and collect a total of 213 points. The silver is for host country Finland with 69 points. Scotland and Belgium are third with 49 points, Belgium has never finished this high. Sweden completes the top five with 41 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 213 points England
2 - 69 points Finland
3 - 49 points Belgium/ Scotland
5 - 41 points Sweden
6 - 36 points Wales
7 - 33 points Northern Ireland
8 - 24 points Norway
9 - 18 points Germany/ Switzerland
11 - 16 points Denmark
12 - 14 points France/ Netherlands