1983 WDF World Cup IV - Heren

Published at 27/04/2020

The English dominate World Cup IV, which was held in Edinburgh on 21 and 22 October. At the WDF General meeting, Peter McMenamin of Australia is elected as the new chairman to replace Bill Turner of New Zealand. For the first time there is also a separate World Cup for women.


The ladies play with two per country. In addition to the Overall WDF World Cup, they also compete for medals in the singles and pairs. 21 countries compete in Scotland, including the debutants Norway and Germany. For the ladies, 19 countries participate in their first World Cup

Men’s Team Event
In the team event, this year the British countries lead the way. England, Wales and Scotland reach the semi-finals together with the strong Swedish team. The Dutch foursome Leo de Oude, Rick Daniels, Ellis Elsevijf & Pieter Kessels put up a great fight in the quarterfinals against Sweden, but have to bow their heads to Bjørn Enqvist, Stefan Lord, Peter Hamberg & John Marcusson in the end, 9-7.

In the semi-finals, Danny Cunningham, Peter Masson, Harry Patterson & Jocky Wilson on behalf of Scotland then win big against the Swedes 9-1. In the other semi-final, defending champions Eric Bristow, Keith Deller, John Lowe & Dave Whitcombe compete on behalf of England against Alan Evans, Peter Locke, Ceri Morgan & Leighton Rees from Wales. England wins the uneven battle against Wales with 9-3.

The final was a real thriller. Wales and England balance each other perfectly and it takes a seventeenth and decisive leg. Both captains take their responsibility and John Lowe wins the deciding leg against Jocky Wilson. England wins 9-8 against the Scots and takes the gold in the team tournament for the third time in a row.

Men’s Pairs tournament
In the pairs it is again John Lowe & Eric Bristow who take the gold medal. In the first rounds it was sometimes quite difficult with victories in a seventh and decisive leg against Frank Palko & Russell Stewart from Australia and Paul Lim & Richard Lee from Singapore, but as the tournament progresses it gets easier.

In the semi-finals they beat Leighton Rees & Alan Evans from Wales with 4-1. In the other semi-final, Jocky Wilson & Danny Cunningham from Scotland beat Australia's Terry O'Dea & David Crack 4-2.

In the final John Lowe & Eric Bristow are too strong for the Scottish duo Jocky Wilson & Danny Cunningham, they win the final 4-2 and crown themselves as WDF World Cup couple champions for the third time.

Men’s Singles tournament
All four English players reached the quarterfinals and three of them would also reach the semi-finals. Only the brand-new world champion Keith Deller loses to Jocky Wilson. Dave Whitcombe beats Swede Stefan Lord, John Lowe beats Luc Marreel from Belgium and Eric Bristow beats Australian Frank Palko. In the semi-final, pairs partners Bristow and Lowe have to face each other. The Crafty Cockney wins this game 4-2. In the other semi-final, Wilson wins with the same numbers against Dave Whitcombe.

In the final of the singles Eric Bristow and Jocky Wilson faced each other again. Just before Bristow had to go on stage, he found out that the zipper of his pants was broken. He exchanged pants quickly with Keith Deller and could still play. Bristow, who did not play really well in the team event, appeared to have regained his form for the final and won it 4-2. This victory gave Bristow his first World Cup singles title.

Men’s Overall classification
It was noteworthy that members from the English and Scottish teams were present in all three finals. The Scots, encouraged by some 5.000 supporters, were unable to win any from the English. Eric Bristow, Keith Deller, John Lowe & Dave Whitcombe therefore clearly won the overall World Cup title with 188 points ahead of Scotland with 92 points. Wales took the bronze with 55 points and the USA came in fourth with 37 points. Australia and Sweden finish in joint 5th place with 29 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 188 points England
2 - 92 points Scotland
3 - 55 points Wales
4 - 37 points United States
5 - 34 points Australia / Sweden
7 - 24 points Netherlands
8 - 22 points Canada
9 - 20 points Northern Ireland
10 - 18 points New Zealand
11 - 17 points Ireland Republic
12 - 16 points Finland
13 - 14 points Singapore
14 - 13 points Belgium
15 - 10 points France / Jamaica / Japan
18 - 8 points Denmark
19 - 4 points Germany
20 - 2 points Hong Kong / Norway