1983 WDF World Cup IV - Dames

Published at 27/04/2020

The English dominate World Cup IV, which was held in Edinburgh on 21 and 22 October. At the WDF General meeting, Peter McMenamin of Australia is elected as the new chairman to replace Bill Turner of New Zealand. For the first time there is also a separate World Cup for women.


The ladies play with two per country. In addition to the Overall WDF World Cup, they also compete for medals in the singles and pairs. 21 countries compete in Scotland, including the debutants Norway and Germany. For the ladies, 19 countries participate in their first World Cup

Ladies Pairs tournament
In the pairs competition it was the English ladies Audrie Durham & Maureen Flowers, Eric Bristow's girlfriend, who took the ladies' first WDF World Cup pairs title. After simple 4-0 wins over Norway and Northern Ireland, Jill MacDonald & Lillian Bird from New Zealand are beaten 4-1 in the semi-finals.

The Canadian duo Rani Gill & Stacy Walker are the opponents of England in the final. They beat Germany and Belgium before putting the Scottish couple Cathie Gibson and Lynn MacKay aside in the semi-finals.

In an exciting final, Audrie Durham & Maureen Flowers beat Canadian pair Rani Gill & Stacy Walker 4-3. And so, the English ladies write history by winning the first WDF World Cup ladies pairs title.

Ladies Singles tournament
In the singles, one of the title favourites, Maureen Flowers, is eliminated 4-2 in the first round by Sandy Reitan from America. Sandy advances to the semi-finals in which she then beats the winner of the 1982 World Masters Ann-Marie Davies from Wales 4-0.

Sandra Lee from Wales is the winner of the WDF European Cup in 1982 and plays a strong tournament. She beats Rhani Gill from Canada and New Zealand ace Lillian Bird, among others, on her way to the last four. In the semi-finals, she also beats the surprising Dutch player Johanna Schipper 4-3.

In an exciting final between the USA and Wales, Sandy Reitan defeats Sandra Lee in a seventh and decisive leg 4-3. So, she crowns herself as the first WDF World Cup singles champion.

Ladies Overall classification
The English ladies Maureen Flowers & Audrie Derham take the first overall WDF Ladies World Cup title with 54 points, only one point ahead of Sandy Reitan & Judy Campbell from America. Sandra Gibb & Ann-Marie Davies from Wales take bronze with 47 points and Canada comes in fourth with 34 points. New Zealand and Scotland share fifth place with 25 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 54 points England
2 - 53 points USA
3 - 47 points Wales
4 - 34 points Canada
5 - 25 points New Zealand/ Scotland
7 - 19 points Netherlands
8 - 18 points Jamaica
9 - 15 points Japan/ Sweden
11 - 13 points Belgium
12 - 12 points Northern Ireland
13 - 10 points Australia
14 - 9 points Norway
15 - 8 points Ireland
16 - 7 points West Germany
17 - 6 points Denmark/ Finland/ Hong Kong