1982 WDF Europe Cup III - Heren

Published at 24/04/2020

At the third WDF Europe Cup darts we see next to the men also for the first time the ladies compete at the Europe Cup. They get their own competitions separately. Where the men play with four players, the ladies play with two. As a result, there are three titles up for grabs among the ladies. Singles, pairs and the overall title.


Twelve countries will compete on October 15 and 16 at the Cliffs Pavilion at Westcliff on Sea in England in the third WDF Europe Cup darts for the men. Norway makes its debut and France does not bring a women's team, so that eleven countries compete in the first WDF Europe Cup for the ladies.

Men’s Team Event
The English team had to play without John Lowe, the number one in the World Rankings, he was on a cruise with the SS Canberra. Lowe tried to get back in time but could not get a flight home in time and then decided to continue his vacation.

The English squad dominated in the team tournament. They really waltzed over the opponents and beat Belgium 9-0, Northern Ireland 9-5 and 9-2 against Sweden in the semi-finals. Wales won 9-5 against Scotland in the other semi-final.

The English quartet Eric Bristow, Bobby George, Cliff Lazarenko & Dave Whitcombe then trounced the foursome Dyfri Jones, Peter Locke, Ceri Morgan & Tony Ridler from Wales in the final 9-1. With that, England took the team tournament for the second time in a row.

Men’s Pairs tournament
The absence of John Lowe proved particularly difficult for his regular pairs partner Eric Bristow. He lost, now alongside Dave Whitcombe, in the second round against Dyfri Jones & Ceri Morgan from Wales.

Swedish title defenders Stefan Lord & Björn Enqvist would retain their 1980 title. They beat the Scottish duo Jocky Wilson & Angus Ross in the semi-finals 4-1. In the final, they beat the other Scottish pair Peter Masson & Jim McGuigan with the same numbers. The Scots had beaten Cliff Lazarenko & Bobby George in the semi-finals 4-3.

Men’s Singles tournament
In the singles tournament the English players dominated. All four reached the semi-finals. Eric Bristow defeated Scotsman Jocky Wilson 4-0 in the quarterfinals. Dave Whitcombe beat another Scot, Angus Ross 4-2. Bobby George beat the Danish ace Kim-G Jensen with the same figures. Cliff Lazarenko lastly beat the third Scot in the quarterfinals Jim McGuigan, 4-1

If Eric Bristow reached the final, he would become joint number one in the world rankings with John Lowe. In the semi-finals, Bristow won 4-3 in a thriller against Dave Whitcombe. In the other semi-final Bobby George was the strongest, he beat Lazarenko 4-1.

In the final, Bobby George was far too strong for Eric Bristow, who played weakly. Bristow had apparently celebrated his new position as ranking leader a bit too much with “John Courage beer” the sponsor of Europe Cup III. That elicited his girlfriend Maureen Flowers the following statement: "I suppose that you are content just to get to finals."

Men’s Overall classification
The overall standings were clearly won by England with Eric Bristow, Bobby George, Cliff Lazarenko & Dave Whitcombe with 112 points. Not surprising, of course, with four players in the semi-finals of the singles and the gold in the team tournament. As in 1980, Sweden came in second with 67 points, again thanks to the pairs title of Stefan Lord & Björn Enqvist. Scotland takes the bronze with 47 points. Wales with 32 points and Ireland with 25 sit off the podium.

Overall ranking
1 - 112 points England
2 - 61 points Sweden
3 - 47 points Scotland
4 - 32 points Wales
5 - 25 points Ireland Republic
7 - 24 points Denmark / Finland
8 - 23 points Belgium / Netherlands / Northern Ireland
11 - 22 points Norway
12 - 20 points France