1981 WDF World Cup III

Published at 20/04/2020

For this World Cup, most countries had to fly halfway around the world to distant New Zealand. The venue was the Trafalgar Centre in Nelson and the tournament was played on 2 and 3 October. Still 16 countries showed up, which may be called a success on its own.


Amongst them, some notable countries such as Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, which made their debut, together with Singapore. Among the 64 participants, only one woman participated. Selly Tain, born on the Solomon Islands but playing for Papua New Guinea. She is the first woman to ever play at a World Cup.

Team Event
In the team event, host nation New Zealand with Gordon Allpress, Dale Frampton, Barry Templeton & Alan Hill surprise in the quarter finals by sending Alan Evans, Wayne Locke, Ceri Morgan & Leighton Rees from Wales home as they beat them 9-7. England, Scotland and Sweden also reach the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals Eric Bristow, Tony Brown, Cliff Lazarenko & John Lowe on behalf of England beat the Swedish team of Bjørn Enqvist, Stefan Lord, Peter Hamberg & Christer Pilblad with 9-3. In the other semi-final, Alistair Forrester, Angus Ross, Rab Smith & Jocky Wilson from Scotland beat New Zealand with the same numbers.

Scotland just can't make it against England in the final and loses 9-7. Alistair Forrester did score the best leg with a 12 darter (180, 140, 140, 41 out) in the final. It is the second time in a row that England has won the team event.

Pairs tournament
England also wins the pairs tournament convincingly after the team tournament and so they still had the maximum points for the overall classification. Both John Lowe & Eric Bristow and Tony Brown & Cliff Lazarenko reach the final. Lazarenko was called last minute to replace the sick Bobby George. George had a ruptured spleen that he sustained during the Unipart British Professional.

Both English pairs easily won 4-0 in their semi-finals against Leighton Rees & Alan Evans from Wales and Rab Smith & Alistair Forrester from Scotland respectively.

In the final, Tony Brown & Cliff Lazarenko won with surprisingly great conviction against the numbers one and two in the world and twice WDF World Cup Pairs Champions Lowe & Bristow with 4-0.

Singles tournament
In the singles event there were some nice surprises again and again they came from the host nation New Zealand. Alan Hill beat Eric Bristow 4-3 in the quarterfinals. Barry Templeton also made the semi-finals he had eliminated Cliff Lazarenko 4-1 on his way there. John Lowe and Jocky Wilson also managed to qualify for the semi-finals.

For both players from New Zealand the semi-final was the end. Barry Templeton lost 4-1 to John Lowe and Alan Hill 4-0 to Jocky Wilson.

The final was a nail-biter and went to a deciding leg. At 3-3 Jocky missed double 10 for the title, Lowe didn’t let that chance go by and finished the match on double 4. He added the WDF World Cup Singles title, which he had not yet won, to his already long list of achievements. During the final Jocky Wilson played on white gym shoes because his regular black shoes were broken and he had only taken one pair to New Zealand.

Overall classification
The general classification went masterfully to the English team Eric Bristow, Tony Brown, Cliff Lazarenko & John Lowe with 132 points. The Scots were the runners-up with 45 points. The hosts from New Zealand came in third with 41 points. Fourth place went to the cool Swedes with 31 points. The USA closed the top five with 29 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 132 points England
2 - 45 points Scotland
3 - 41 points New Zealand
4 - 31 points Sweden
5 - 29 points United States
6 - 26 points Australia / Wales
8 - 20 points Singapore
9 - 19 points Denmark / Netherlands
11 - 18 points Canada
12 - 17 points Northern Ireland / Papua New Guinea / Philippines
15 - 16 points Hong Kong / Japan