1979 WDF World Cup II

Published at 13/04/2020

For the second WDF World Cup the teams had to travel to the gambling capital of the world Las Vegas, USA. The tournament was played at the Sahara Hotel on November 2 and 3. Sixteen countries took part in the World Cup, which was a great success since the teams had to make this long trip. England, represented by John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Tony Brown and Bill Lennard were the big favourites for the tournament, and some 400 supporters had come with them.


Hong Kong, Jamaica and Northern Ireland make their debut at this second World Cup.

Team Event
In the team event Wales, Australia, England and host nation USA reached the last four. In the semi-finals the Wales team easily defeated Australia 9-3. The other semi-final promised to be a thriller. Team USA with Conrad Daniels, Len Heard, Jerry Umberger & Nicky Virachkul, encouraged by the 2000-strong crowd, led 6-3 at one point, but the English fought back to 7-7. Tony Brown and Bill Lennard grabbed the last two points for England thus reaching the final.

In the final against Wales England started strongly. The English quartet Eric Bristow, Tony Brown, Bill Lennard & John Lowe went up 3-0. But the Welsh foursome of David-Rocky Jones, Ceri Morgan, Leighton Rees & Allan Thomas came back strong. They even took the lead, first 6-4 and then 7-5. Still, all four players of the English squad won their next leg thus winning 9-7 and grabbing the first WDF World Cup title of 1979.

Pairs tournament
In the pairs event we saw the top two nations in darts; Wales and England lead the show with both their pairs reaching the semi-finals. The winners of the first World Cup in pairs, John Lowe & Eric Bristow won fairly easily against the pair from Wales; David "Rocky" Jones & Allan Thomas. In the second semi-final Tony Brown and Bill Lennard had it a lot harder against Leighton Rees & Ceri Morgan. Still they won 4-2.

In the all-England final, which looked a bit like an exhibition match, John Lowe & Eric Bristow would win easily with a 4-1 score line and defend their WDF World Cup title successfully.

Singles tournament
The only event that remained to break the English hold was the singles event. This happened in the quarterfinals. First off the slow-throwing American Conrad Daniels took John Lowe out. Then Eric Bristow went out against the American Nicky Virachkul originating from Thailand. Then Welshman Ceri Morgan defeated the 1976 News of the World Champion Bill Lennard. Only Tony Brown remained standing for the English after the quarterfinals beating Scotsman Jocky Wilson.

In the semi-finals, both players from the USA had to compete against each other. Victory went to Nicky Virachkul (4-3). With the same score, the unorthodox throwing, Ceri Morgan beat Tony Brown.

The final brought the fans in the venue in turmoil with very good darts. In a best of seven legs the first leg went to Nicky who threw one ton after another. The unorthodox fast throwing Ceri Morgan took the second and third leg in 16 and 15 darts. Four consecutive scores of 100 were enough to take a 3-1 lead. The crowd did not let Virachkul down and cheered with relief when he came back to 3-3. Now Nicky was unstoppable, after scores of 125, 140, 100, 32 and 72, he is on double 16 after five throws. Virachkul hits it with his sixteenth dart and thus keeps the WDF World Cup singles title in the USA.

Overall classification
England wins the overall Cup with 108 points, Eric Bristow, Tony Brown, Bill Lennard & John Lowe also take gold in the team event and the pairs. The USA gets the silver with 62 points. Wales, the winners of the first edition have to settle for the bronze with 49 points. Australia finishes a creditable fourth with 28 points.

1 - 108 points England
2 - 62 points United States
3 - 49 points Wales
4 - 28 points Australia
5 - 24 points Ireland Republic
6 - 23 points Scotland
7 - 21 points New Zealand
8 - 20 points Sweden
9 - 16 points Canada / Hong Kong
11 - 15 points Denmark / Northern Ireland
13 - 14 points Bermuda / Jamaica / Japan / Netherlands